Our Clients

We are registered to provide advice in all EU member states. No matter where our clients are based, if they split their time between the UK and continental Europe or plan to retire abroad, we provide full continuity of advice. As an independent company we don’t have any in-house product bias. We research solutions from across the entire market, selecting only those products suited to your specific needs.

Whatever your needs or circumstances, we will work alongside you and our carefully chosen strategic partners to help you to find a solution. Below are a series of case studies, where our clients share their stories and experiences from working with the team at Mount Sterling Wealth.

    • Offshore banking and investing
      International advice and planning

      We had recently retired. Our active lifestyle means we often spend up to six months of the year travelling abroad. We don’t have time to deal with all of our financial interests and wanted someone we could trust to manage our affairs.

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    • Family trust planning
      Corporate pensions and benefits

      We own and operate a range of global companies. Given our future growth plans, we wanted advice on the best way to implement a flexible Employee Benefits package that would help us to attract, engage and retain our staff.

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    • Specialist retirement planning
      Active investment management

      I inherited investments from my late wife and decided to consolidate these with the other holdings I had accumulated over the years. I wanted to simplify my affairs. To take away the complexity, but still use an active investment approach.

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    • Protecting your estate from inheritance tax
      Personal injury settlement

      I was a professional footballer for a Premier Division Club when a serious road traffic accident rendered me paralysed from the waist down. I needed guidance on how to invest the settlement, providing for my needs for the rest of my life.

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    • Family and corporate pension scheme
      Advice after divorce

      After 30 years of marriage, with my husband controlling our finances, I was daunted by
      the prospect of finding an adviser I could
      trust to sort out my affairs and plan for the future. My solicitor recommended Mount Sterling Wealth.

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    • Sophisticated investment management
      Pension consolidation

      I had collected pensions throughout my career and ended up with policies all over
      the place. I was sure that over the years I’d even lost track of a few of them. I needed advice on the best way to consolidate and plan for retirement.

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